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"Dr. McKenna and his staff are very friendly and helpful."


"He has a very down to earth, yet very informative bedside manner."


"Dr. McKenna's genuine concern for the well-being of this patient is evident every time."


"I'm extremely impressed with the rapid and accurate treatment of my orthopedic issues."


"Dr. McKenna has done my knees and shoulder with repairs plus stem cells. I feel like new"


"This office and staff is the best there is."

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Dedicated to providing the most effective and least invasive solutions possible to their patients, the team at McKenna Orthopedics in Decatur and Trophy Club, Texas, offers cutting-edge services and are paving the way for the use of innovative treatments, such as regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy in clinical orthopedics. The orthopedic specialists provide patients with comprehensive, personalized treatment plans aimed at improving health, function, and quality of life.
The unique techniques and advanced treatments offered at McKenna Orthopedics provide patients relief from acute or chronic pain caused by arthritis, cartilage loss, ligament strains, or tendon damage. The team also specializes in sports medicine, offering regenerative medicine helping athletes heal and recover from their injuries faster.
Surgery isn’t always the next step in treatment for an injury or chronic pain condition. To learn more about how your body can heal itself through the use of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, call McKenna Orthopedics today or book an appointment online.

We have some exciting news today at McKenna Orthopedics

Through the new "Right to Try" law and in light of new VA accountability moves, a significant clinical treatment program has been approved by all different forms of TriCare and even some Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO plans, utilizing amniotic tissue injections (postnatal tissue graft following healthy C-section delivery).
Now patients with TriCare or BCBS PPO coverage may be eligible for injection therapy with amnion to help painful joints, tendons and ligaments that have failed other treatments. Whether you have had surgery, physical therapy or other injections, if you are still suffering, this is REGENERATIVE TREATMENT for those damaged tissues.
The treatments will be done in our office surgical suite using guided injection techniques with CARM or Ultrasound to directly treat almost 400 conditions including:
  • Osteoarthritis of hips, knees and shoulders
  • Lateral epicondylitis of elbows (tennis elbow)
  • Rotator cuff disorders
  • ​Hamstring tears
  • ​Achilles tendonitis and partial tears
  • ​Internal derangement of the knee
  • ​Ligamentous injuries of all joints
  • ​Certain forms of trigger points associated with pain
You can even have multiple body areas treated if needed (conditions apply)
The donor tissue is acquired from placental tissue after the healthy C-section delivery. Donor tissue is then stringently screened for genetic and infectious diseases to ensure your health.
We are most excited to have this clinical treatment program in place for our TriCare patients. TriCare in the past approved almost no new technology, but has now leaped into the lead by approving these leading edge injections.
If you are a current/former patient of McKenna Orthopedics or have friends and family who meet coverage criteria then call our office today to get screened.


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"With his skills with a hemicap, and the help from stem cells from my hip, I could raise my arm above my head when I went to his office 3 days later."


"Dr. McKenna provided great care to both my mom and daughter, each having knee surgery's and stem cell injections. The results were outstanding and continue."


"Dr. McKenna was professional & helped me get back to doing what I love. Dr. McKenna performed the knee surgery & 5 months later I am teaching my classes again!"


"I'm near the end of treatment and am getting my life back. He listens to and stays familiar with many details"


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